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I have a Ph.D in math and have over 20 years technical experience in the aerospace field. My areas of interest are mathematical modeling, algorithm development, optimization techniques, pattern recognition, data compression, machine learning, real-time data rendering via the Web, telemedicine technology, design of intelligent Web agents. I have over 25 publications in various refereed journals and conference proceedings.
I have  developed stand alone Windows based Optimization software. Download your free demo version.

I also have developed a prototype for Web-based ECG rendering in real-time, if you would like to explore it's application to a telemedicine project please contact me.

Screen Shot From WIRED Prototype

Real-time Attitude on the Web ( My 'Customer Solutions' Paper at NI Web site)
Real-time Attitude on the Web (My Article in Aerospace America, Program Profile , May 2001 , pp 34-35)

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